Mysore, Coorg hills, Karnataka, India
Published on August 27, 2006 By cherryrouge In Travel
Living in Hyderbad, India and training guys in french for almost 12 hours a day isnt a saps the energy to its last ounce.
To recharge my batteries, i had been to a place called bylakuppe, mysore dist, karnataka state, India for a 2 day breather. The place was awesome, an amazing retreat i should rather say. Nestled in the mountains of the coorg hills, this place hosts a big tibetan monastery open for tourists/visitors...the hum of the monks prayers, the percussion beats, the incessesant incense wafting in the air, all this puts the mind to complete rest, blocking out external factors, i felt in rhythm with the nature. No big restaurants to tickle ur palate, but a very modest one which serves u a decent meal. Well then, when the mind is saturated the appetite doesnt bother one much. Any other place in the south of india which you guys think is a good place to retreat for a couple of days? Please let me know.


on Aug 31, 2006
good place i guess, thanx for the same. will experience and share it.
on Sep 06, 2006
good tip, thanks. I am visiting bangalore in a few weeks.
on Sep 06, 2006
Thank you very much for the reply.